One of the inner meanings of ‘going back home’ is fleeing. In other words, it is getting away from the threat. Often, you go back to your home town, where you were born or raised. This may be a village, a town or a neighborhood in a city. Here, people do pretend. Nothing much has changed since you left. There is no liveliness. People use the most efficient way to protect their current power and status, and that is… “lies”

It was inevitable for the characters that I created for “Where Are You Dad? I’m Lost” to transform their own reality into a form that will be accepted by the society. So, they preferred to create a new reality. Everyone was following the same way. Everything seemed to be going well; sins were turned into deeds by lies. People unintentionally increase the possibility of occurrence of coincidences while trying to turn reality into something new by adding them lies. These coincidences will cause that bridge to collapse. Everything was supposed to be on track as people from different classes, identities, sexes playing their roles inside the invisible, tight circle within the city importing the reality they created within themselves. However, nothing was as it seemed. In this context, I have envisioned a film in which Aşkın can question his own reality and find his answers whilst watching his mother, his sister, Ali and Oya.

Ahmet Karaman